For some years, the primary interest of KB Acoustics has been it's Visual Ears software and custom audio installations.

We have now teamed up with Ygbsm Electronics and offer a unique combination of talents and equipment which can maximize the potential of your audio system.

KB Acoustics will focus on services, acoustics and speaker systems while Ygbsm Electronics will be paying particular attention to the often neglected concept of bi-amplification and it's many advantages.

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Your room, and where in your room you have chosen to locate your speakers and prime listening position, can make a very significant difference in the quality of reproduction. Visual Ears helps you find positioning for yourself and your speakers which can reduce the effects of the room by as much as 15db!

Laboring under the impression that your speaker purchase was a mistake? Believe you need more amplifier power? Unhappy with your bass? Before you start thinking about changing equipment you need to be sure that you are not simply suffering from improper speaker placement.

Every single audio authority on this planet, to a man, knows that to achieve maximum performance from your system, you need to pay attention to speaker placement. This is not a debatable subject and no one denies it's importance.

Prepare yourself for a quantum leap in system performance.

Visual Ears has been very well reviewed in major audio magazines and is on the Stereophile recommend list of components. "Audio Ideas Guide" has published a favorable review in the winter '97 issue and KEF has given Visual Ears an official endorsement.

Visual Ears, is an easy to use computer program that, through mathematical simulation, will help you find a "listening sweet spot" which minimizes the effects of standing waves (20-200Hz) and boundary reflections (20-500Hz).

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Our portion of this web site will acquaint you with the extreme advantages of bi-amplification and explain how the process can improve your sound system by an order of magnitude. We focus on concepts and products that avoid bank breaking expenditures and have some information for you that should not be missed.

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A Natural Segue

With so much creativity and technical expertise on tap, it's a natural that KB Acoustics should have turned it's thoughts to some superb speaker systems.

Under development are:

  • Small full range systems.
  • Sub-Woofer systems.
  • Sub-Woofer/Satellite systems.
  • Tasty floor standing towers.
  • Systems designed for bi-amplification.
  • Systems designed for tri-amplification.
  • Kits

And all at “factory direct” reasonable prices.

Stay tuned; we most definitely have some very interesting things up our sleeves.


Our combined resources and talents in the areas of electronics, acoustics and audio puts us in a unique position to offer our services to those who are having difficulties with their systems. We have experience in the following areas:

  • Amplifier Design
  • Driver Design & Prototyping
  • Speaker Systems Design
  • Digital & Analog Circuit Design
  • 100's Of Custom Installations
  • Retail Audio
  • Woodworking & Cabinetry
  • Electronic Service & Repair
  • Finding Unique Solutions To Odd Problems
  • Home Theater Solutions

In the Eugene, Oregon area:

We can provide services ranging from full custom installations to merely setting up your speakers. Our repertoire includes dozens of methods to hide speakers without sacraficing the quality of reproduction.

We can custom build cabinets/speaker systems and can provide outdoor speaker systems which do not give up the low frequency response.

If you are contemplating an equipment or system purchase, one of us is happy to accompany you to the dealer and act as a buffer for potential high pressure sales and/or mis-information.

Outside of Eugene:

We can help you via email or telephone.
In either case, our charges for custom work and services are very reasonable.


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