Introducing Ygbsm Electronics

Even though the performance of loudspeakers has much improved over the last decade, the low frequency end of the spectrum continues to be a problem for those appreciating the many merits of a small speaker. Taking advantage of bi-amplification, powered sub-woofers address the issue but all too often incorporate a questionable crossover scheme and many are woefully inadequate for the re-creation of life like volume levels in even medium sized rooms. The few commercial sub systems that are up to the task are a bit on the pricey side.

Although we are not yet offering sub-woofers, the opportunity exists for the enterprising individual to assemble a formidable bass system from readily available, off the shelf woofers. All that remains is the construction of a suitable enclosure and the acquisition of an electronic crossover and second power amp.

One of the things we wish to do is keep you from following leads which are inappropriate to your situation. Sub-woofers are about moving air. If your musical preferences are easy listening, small jazz groups or chamber music it is quite possible to get more than adequate performance from smaller speakers and we suggest that you may have no use for a sub-woofer or one of our electronic crossovers. On the other hand, if your tastes run to The Smashing Pumpkins or Led Zeppelin at concert levels or you want to “feel” the low frequencies from your DVD's, smaller speakers are just not going to get the job done. Even a pair of 12" woofers can easily fall short if you are looking for spectacular, gut-wrenching low frequency performance and we maintain that the only way to acheive this level of performance is through bi-amplification.

Ygbsm's current focus is to provide the electronic crossover required for the bi-amplification process. We can lead you to, but do not supply, suitable woofers and you are pretty much on your own for enclosures.

When you are finished, however, you will have the proverbial “kick ass” woofer system.

On this site we explain bi-amplification, tell you of the 8 major advantages that this process provides and help you to avoid the entanglement with overpriced “audiophile” equipment or the cheap amplified subs now flooding the market.

This site goes deep and touches upon “high end”, “home theater” and “DIY.” At the least, you will leave more knowledgeable that when you arrived. At best, you will save a pile of money and have a better audio system.

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